Tired In My Twenties

Introducing: Tired In My Twenties

June 15, 2022 Melissa Lent Season 1 Episode 0
Tired In My Twenties
Introducing: Tired In My Twenties
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Introducing: Tired In My Twenties. 

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Melissa: Hey, I’m your host Melissa Lent and I’m tired in my twenties.

[Music starts]

Listen, I’m having a life crisis. It’s called being 23. 

Do you wonder why a few years ago we were living off of our parents and guardians, broke, stressing about a calculus quiz…

And now we’re expected to get an apartment, do well at our jobs, save for retirement, and have a social life as an adult? Oh, and we’re still broke!

When I graduated in 2020, my life fell apart and I started to reconsider everything. First, this notion that there’s one best way to live life.  And second, that once we’re adults, we’re supposed to have it all figured out. 

I’m starting to learn that both of those things aren’t true. 

Talking to other people in their 20s, I knew I wasn’t alone. 

And that’s exactly what you’ll hear in this podcast.

There will be advice. 

For example, how to rent your first apartment:

Isabel: We were getting about three weeks away from the deadline and we were really nervous we were just not going to find a place. And a lot of things I had identified as needs quickly became wants.

Melissa: Or, what it’s like planning for retirement:

Alan: I come from a low-income family and my parents were not invested. I am the retirement fund. You start thinking about, how can I maximize my wealth? 

Melissa: But you’ll also get a glimpse of what life can really be like in your 20s. 

Like when your health has you rethink your career plans:

Olivia: Senior year was when I was actually applying to physical therapy graduate programs. But early mornings or evenings, I was going to physical therapy myself. 

Melissa: Or how we grow as adults propels us to make an impact:

Siam: What I’ve learned being an adult is there’s no greater human trait than compassion. I just hope that no matter what I do with my life as a physician I can use empathy and compassion and help people.

Melissa: And what I’ve learned again and again in a very short amount of time is that we’re all figuring it out, and we can live our lives how we want. 

So join me, starting July 15th, and we’ll be tired in our twenties together!